viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016

  • Sonia Ageitos: >>> BS >>>incomplete portfolio, poor language
  • Melisa Berto >>>P->>> complete portf, be careful w/language.
  • Micaela Cañete >>>P+>>>complete & v good language
  • Graciela Cruceño >>>BS>>>poor language, incomplete entries, no number of entries.
  • Gabriela Durán >>>P+>>>complete & creative, good language
  • Macarena Iannuzzo>>>JP>>> be caeful with LANGUAGE!!!
  • Natalia Etchecopar >>>BS>>> poor language, incomplete portfolio
  • Joel Garcia>>> JP>> complete & creative, BUT be careful with language!!
  • Eliana Martín >>>JP>>> poor language
  • Romina Motta >>>BS>>>incomplete portfolio (last entry: April)
  • Pamela Pena >>>JP>>> most entries uploaded AFTER deadline!!
  • Alejandro Quintana>>>BS>>>incomplte portfolio, double check language.
  • Claudia Sabor >>> BS >>> incomplete portfolio
  • Rocio Soto >>>P- >>> be careful with language
  • Verónica Villalba >>>P>>>complete portf.
  • Cintia Zacarías >>>P>>> complete portfolio

If you re-write (part of) your portfolio, ADD A LABEL IN A DIFFERENT COLOUR: "revised version", "2nd draft", etc. Do NOT ERASE anything, otherwise it'll be impossible to correct your written productions!


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