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COMPLETE LIST:   5f05721cc8991c96f75d45c7360eb858
  1. Adamson, D. (2015). Practise your Conjunctions and Linkers. UK.: Longman
  2. Celce-Murcia, M. & Olshtain, E. (2000) Discourse and Context in Language Teaching. A   Guide for Language Teachers. U.K.: CUP. Chapters 6, 7, 8 & 9. 
  3. Knapp, P.  and Watkins, M. (2005) Genre, Text, Grammar: Technologies for Teaching and Assessing Writing. Australia: University of New South Wales Press Ltd. Ch 1.
  4. Imhoof, M. Hudson, H. (1990): From Paragraph to Essay. U.K.: Longman. Ch 1 to 8.
  5. McCarthy, M. (2000) Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers.  U.K.: CUP. Ch.:1, 2, 3 & 6.
  6. ___________  (2010) Academic Vocabulary. UK.: CUP.
  7. Paltridge, B. (2004) Genre and the Language Learning Classroom. U.S.: The University of Michigan Press.
  8. Thornbury, S. (2008) Beyond the Sentence. Introducing Discourse Analysis. U.K.: Macmillan.Education. Ch: 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7. 
  9. Yule, G. (2012): Oxford Practice Grammar. Advanced. UK.: CUP..
  10. _______( 2016). The Study of Language. UK.: CUP. Ch. 10, 11,18, 19, 20.
  11. MATERIAL FROM THIS BLOG (videos, sites, external links in general)


  • your writings, essays, paragraphs, reflections, etc. & ANALYSE them
  • essay 'Motherhood...' (sorry, I can't remember exact name now >> COMPLETE analysis, it was started in class.
  • NEW ACADEMIC PAPER analysed from discursive perspetive, with examples of THEORY seen in class (f2f, virtually, self reading, etc)


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Portfolio entries 13 & 14.

write a reflection on HOW your writing capacity has changed, HOW have you improved your writing skills, whether analysing writing theory is important, etc.

write a FINAL REFLECTION on HOW a PORTFOLIO is a good record of your writing skills, HOW it can help you study for your final exam, whether you are aware of writing strategies, etc.



Pay attention to these IMPORTANT DATES:

  • October 25th: The Study of Language (Ch 18 & 19)
  • October 26th: WRITING ASSIGNMENT & WRITING MAKE UP (read material from previous entry)
  • November 1st: virtual class (for you to FINISH with the Portfolio!!).
  • November 2nd  **1pm**: Fernanda's special class (READ McCarthy & reread Thornbury material, please. BRING the copies to class)
  • November 8th: FIRMA de LIBRETAS (ONLY if portfolios are complete and WRITING ASSESSMENTS PASS)

stella :-)

Portfolio entry 12 - VIDEOS.


1- The Inspector needs "a flawless American accent": 

2- Student 'dialects'?

 3- Speak English, please!



  • Go back to Chapters 18 &19.
  • write a SHORT analysis on EACH video >>> avoid GENERALIZATIONS, be precise, use the sources appropriately and cite them, too. Use quotation marks when necessary.

DEADLINE: November 2nd.

stella :-)

PORTFOLIO 11-Chapters 18, 19 & 20.

Resultado de imagen para the study of language g yule

Complete your study notes on the LAST 3 CHAPTERS of The Study of Language.

BOOK: Yule, G (2016). The Study of Language. Chapters 18, 19 & 20 . U.K.: CUP.

DEADLINE: November 2nd.

NB: By now you will have generated study notes of the WHOLE BOOK- of the chapters seen this year.

stella :-)

Chapters 18 & 19- VIDEOS

Meryl Streep, a champion of accents.


Dr Crystal -linguist- talkng about English and Culture (Chapter 20).


 Dr Crystal: "World Englishes".


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Go back to your CORRECTED essay. 

  • Ckeck the THESIS STATEMENT. With the theory in mind, analyse it and improve / rewrite it if necessary.
  • choose 2 paragraphs and analise them>
    • topic sentence?
    • type of paragraph?
    • supporting material?
    • linkers?
    • cohesion?
    • coherence?
    • ellipsis?
    • substitution?
    • synonymy, antonymy, hyponyms, ...?
Add this analysis to the corresponding portfolio entry.



Labour behind the Label. MAKE UP WRITING MATERIAL

'LABOR BEHIND THE LABEL' is a "campaign that works to improve conditions and empower workers in the global garment industry". Do you want to learn more about them? Click  HERE. Did you know that these organizations exist and what for? 

Which video do you consider more effective? Why? 


Click on THIS LINK and listen to what "ethical shopping" means. 

"We all need to buy stuff from time to time. But do we think about how our shopping affects people, animals and the environment? Here's how you can love fashion and the world we live in... ". To go on reading, CLICK HERE

Read the following entry -"Are you and Ethical Shopper?"-  and jot down NEW /SPECIFIC vocabulary related to ethical shopping. 

Choose two cartoons from THIS GALLERY .


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BONUS: How can I improve my THESIS STATEMENT?

Resultado de imagen para THESIS STATEMENTS

Thesis statements:  How to improve them.


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Resultado de imagen para reminder

Pls, take into account that the TITLES of your entries SHOULD refer to the content: e.g. Portfolio # 8: Literary essay "Belonging to a minority or ..."

Please, note there has been a SLIGHT CHANGE in the ORDER of your portfolio entries.

stella :-)

PORTFOLIO # 10 - Discourse and Context in Language Teaching.

PORTFOLIO # 9 (ENTRY 5 -cont-)

  • Go back to the book and make a SUMMARY of the FOUR chapters (PAIR WORK>>> optional. 
  • Make a word document (use a G-DRIVE doc),
  • turn the doc into a pdf document,
  • publish your summary with ISSUU
  • paste your summary (E-BOOK) on your portfolio.
  • remember to 
    • include a COVER (name of student(s), subject, teacher, college, bibliographical data of source, picture (optional), index, etc.
    • add NEW examples,
    • PARAPHRASED explanations.
    • your entry should include a brief introduction and the EMBEDDED book.

DEADLINE: 4th week in September.


PORTFOLIO #9- Thesis statement


As it was discussed in class, the last sentence of the introduction is called the THESIS STATEMENT. And it is the backbone to your essay. Watch the two videos to revise HOW to write a THESIS STATEMENT. 


  • Take down NOTES to be used to write or re-write your thesis statement.

  • Paste them onto your own e-portfolio.

  • Add the videos (optional)

  • acknowledge source(s)

  •  VIDEO 1

     VIDEO 2

     Tips for Writing Thesis Statements

    1.Determine what kind of paper you are writing:

    • An analytical paper breaks down an issue or an idea into its component parts, evaluates the issue or idea, and presents this breakdown and evaluation to the audience. 

    • An expository (explanatory) paper explains something to the audience. 

    • An argumentative paper makes a claim about a topic and justifies this claim with specific evidence. 

    • The claim could be
      1. an opinion

      2. a policy proposal

      3. an evaluation

      4. a cause-and-effect statement

      5. an interpretation. 

      6. The goal of the argumentative paper is to convince the audience that the claim is true based on the evidence provided. If you are writing a text that does not fall under these three categories (e.g., a narrative), a thesis statement somewhere in the first paragraph could still be helpful to your reader.

        2. Your thesis statement should be specific—it should cover only what you will discuss in your paper and should be supported with specific evidence.

        3. The thesis statement usually appears at the end of the first paragraph of a paper.

        4. Your topic may change as you write, so you may need to revise your thesis statement to reflect exactly what you have discussed in the paper.

          DEADLINE: 3rd week in September (TOGETHER with essay)

           Adapted from: Purdue University. OUL.

           stella :-)

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          How to write a LITERARY ESSAY,

          At teacher training college students are asked to write literary essays. We analised a sample some weeks ago. If you want to know more on writing strategies, click HERE. Perhaps, you need some more information or you'd rather read a sample, click HERE.
          (BONUS: go HERE for more information and writing checklists)

            All the girls love Alice by Elton John

          They dance alone by Sting

          Where the streets have no names by U2.

          An Englishman in NY by Sting

          LOOK UP THE LYRICS IN THE WEB if necessary.


          Watch these videos and listen to the lyrics of each song.
          Read the NOTES below, if necessary,
          look up extra information

          1. Write a LITERARY ESSAY (5 to 7 pragraphs) based on the topic: BELONGING (to an ethnic group OR political/sexual/religious minority, other groups/minorities). You should use AT LEAST the lyrics of three of the songs/videos above. Include a good title, a cover, index (if necessary), sources (correctly quoted). 
            1. Font: 12 Times New Roman or Arial
              Space: 1.5
              Pragraphs: indented, 1st line.
            2. UPLOAD your 1st version to your portfolio and HAND IN paper version

          DEADLINE: 3rd week in September.

          • All the girls like Alice This is a look into the gay lifestyle of England through the eyes and lyrics of Bernie Taupin, Elton's songwriting partner. He made up the tragic story of a young lesbian who died in the streets.
          • They dance alone: Sting wrote this after he saw a brief news story about women dancing in the streets of Chile torn apart by the Pinochet regime. The women were dancing in the streets with pictures of their husbands, fathers, brothers or sons pinned to their clothes or they were holding the pictures and dancing with them.
          • An Englishman in NY. Sting wrote this song about famed gay author Quentin Crisp and his experiences as an outcast. Crisp moved from London to New York in 1986, and Sting spent several days with the author. (thanks, John - Levittown, NY)
          • Where the streets have no names In 1985, Bono visited Ethiopia after performing at Live Aid. Many people assumed this song was about that trip, since the streets there really don't have names, just numbers. The song is actually about Ireland. In Ireland (and Northern Ireland), the many cities are divided: rich/poor, Catholic/Protestant, etc. By knowing which street a person lives on you can tell their religion, wealth and beliefs - it's where the streets have no name.       source:
          (BONUS: simply LOVED this pic!!

          stella :-)


          Deadline of deadline:

          Those portfolios that are not updated (SEVERAL) will obtain a BS as a final mark of the first term. The ASSESSMENT CRITERIA has been clearly stated.

          To EMBED your slideshows, 

          • go to Slideshare,
          • UNDER your presentation you'll fin a button (= SHARE/COMPARTIR),
          • click on that button and get the EMBED CODE.
          • go to your portfolio,
          • open the entry you want to EDIT ( bec you've pasted the URL code ) , activate HTML (square box above the editable area) and PASTE the code,
          • go to "ACTUALIZAR" & the PUBLICAR.

          Saturday 9th, September (in the morning!!!!) I'm checking your portfolios AGAIN.


          PORTFOLIO 7: From Paragraph to Essay

          PORTFOLIO ENTRY # 7 

          Study notes and sample paragraphs.

          Re read From Paragraph to Essay.
          • Create your own study notes: make a SUMMARY that includes EVERY SINGLE key point.
          • Include NEW SAMPLE PARAGRAPHS (in English, ONE could be in Spanish) and analyse them. (Acknowledge sources). The sample paragraphs should be part of ACADEMIC PAPERS. Should there be a HYBRID sample paragraph, highlight and justify it in your analysis.

          Deadline: September 15th


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          PORTFOLIO 6: Well written paragraph

          PORTFOLIO ENTRY # 6

          1- Draw a bulleted list with the most important items discussed in the video.

          CITE THE SOURCES (video) and embed it in your e-portfolio. ( REMEMBER to activave the HTML code, before pasting the EMBED CODE)

           2- Check these topic sentences. Visit the site from the University of Ottawa.  Paste the paragraphs (at least 3) and the correspondig TOPIC SENTENCES.

          3- "EXAMPLES of Topic sentences and how to write them": HERE



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          Oral/written assignment-portfolio 5

          Discourse and Context in Language Teaching: A Guide for Language Teachers (Cambridge Language Teaching Library)
          PORTFOLIO ENTRY # 5.

          Pick up the book 
          Discourse and Context in Language Teaching. Divide the class into 4 groups. Take ONE chapter and prepare an oral presentation with a slide show (Power Point). Upload your presentation to your portfolio with Slideshare.
          Remember to include a COVER (Name of college, subject, teacher, members of the group) a BODY of SLIDES, BLIBLIOGRAPHY (appropriately cited ), new examples, QUOTATION MARKS for quotes and aknowledgement for pictures.

          Correction criteria:

          • cohesion in oral presentation,
          • cohesion in slide share,
          • completion of task (see above),
          • quality and clear presentation,
          • choice of NEW examples,
          • interaction within your group and with your audience,
          • accuracy and fluency of language,
          • handouts with tasks (for your audience),
          • (last but not least) creativity!

          BOOK: Celce-Murcia, M. & Olshtain, E. (2000): Discourse and Context in Language Teaching. A   Guide for Language Teachers. Chapters 6, 7, 8 &; 9. U.K.: CUP.
          Slideshare available HERE.You have to login

          DEADLINE: SOON!

          stella :-)

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          Portfolio 4- Chapters 10 &11

          Resultado de imagen para the study of language g yule
          PORTFOLIO ENTRY # 4.

          Pick up the book 
          The Study of Language. Take chapters 10 & 11, create an ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENT with Google Drive- FORMS. Upload your form to your portfolio.
          Remember to include BLIBLIOGRAPHY (appropriately cited ).

          BOOK: Yule, G (2016). The Study of Language. Chapters 10 & 11 . U.K.: CUP.

          DEADLINE: SOON!

          stella :-)

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          GRAMMAR BOOK

          Resultado de imagen para Yule, G. (2012): Oxford Practice Grammar. Advanced. U.K.: OUPFollow the LINK to get this grammar book OXFORD PRACTICE GRAMMAR. Go to UNITS 1 and 2 and check the answers with the KEY.
           I'll let you know ASAP.

          SOURCE: Yule, G. (2012): Oxford Practice Grammar. Advanced. U.K.: OUP

          stella :-)

          SPEECH ACTS. Portfolio entry 3


          • Watch the video, do to the THINK section. (YOU HAVE TO LOGIN)
          • Upload the video to your portfolio
          • Add a brief summary

          DEADLNE: MAY 12th


          HOW TO CITE SOURCES...

          There are several ways to cite a source (MLA, Turabian, Chicago). Here you have APA Citation Style

          Author(s). (Date). Title of Book/ "Title of Article"/ Title of Periodical/ Volume. Pages. Place of Publication. Publisher. 

          Journal or Magazine Article

          Wilcox, R. V. (1991). "Shifting roles and synthetic women in Star Trek: The Next Generation". Studies in Popular Culture, 13(2), 53-65.

          Journal or Magazine Article

          Dubeck, L. (1990). "Science fiction aids science teaching." Physics Teacher, 28, 316-318.

          Newspaper Article

          Di Rado, A. (1995, March 15). "Trekking through college: Classes explore modern society using the world of Star Trek." Los Angeles Times, p. A3.

          Article from an Internet Database

          Mershon, D. H. (1998, November-December). "Star Trek on the brain: Alien minds, human minds." American Scientist, 86, 585. Retrieved July 29, 1999, from Expanded Academic ASAP database.

          BookOkuda, M., & Okuda, D. (1993). Star Trek Chronology: The History of the Future. New York: Book Pocket Books

          Article or ChapterJames, N. E. (1988). "Two sides of paradise: The Eden myth according to Kirk and Spock." In D. Palumbo (Ed.), Spectrum of the fantastic (pp. 219-223). Westport, CT: Greenwood.

          Encyclopedia ArticleSturgeon, T. (1995). Science fiction. In The encyclopedia Americana (Vol. 24, pp. 390-392). Danbury, CT: Grolier.

          WebsiteLynch, T. (1996). DS9 trials and tribble-ations review. Retrieved October 8, 2008, from Psi Phi: Bradley's Science Fiction Club Web site: 503r.html

          • Arrange the items on your reference list alphabetically by author, interfiling books, articles, etc.
          • Use only the initials of the authors' first (and middle) names.
          • If no author is given, start with the title and then the date.
          • If you are using a typewriter that cannot produce italics, then use underlining instead.
          • Magazine articles: include the month (and day) as shown under Newspapers.
          • Websites: if the date the page was created is not given, use (n.d.).

            adapted from:


          PORTFOLIO ENTRIES 1 & 2.


          PORTFOLIO ENTRY # 1

          PORTFOLIO ENTRY # 2

          (SS who are taking the subject for a second time, can use LAST YEAR entry)

          DUE DATE: MAY 10

          stella :-)

          WELCOME 2017 STUDENTS.

          domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

          A well-written paragraph.

          PORTFOLIO ENTRY #8

          1- Draw a bulleted list with the most important items discussed in the video.

          CITE THE SOURCES (video) and embed it in your e-portfolio.

           2- Check these topic sentences. Visit the site from the Univeristy of Ottawa.  Paste the paragraphs (at least 3) and the correspondig TOPIC SENTENCES.

          3- "EXAMPLES of Topic sentences and how to write them": HERE

          DEADLINE: JUNE 1.