domingo, 9 de octubre de 2016

TED & walls.

Portfolio # 18.

TED has also included WALLS among its talks. Watch them HERE.


  • Take ONE or TWO Ted Talks from the playlist
  • Summarize it/them in one or two paragraphs. Add a last paragraph with your opinion/impression. 
  • Embed the chosen Ted Talk(s) in your portfolio.

DEADLINE: end October.



Portfolio # 17.

Film: Sidewalls/Medianeras

Analsysis: If you click HERE, you can read an interesting analysis on the Argentine film publishd by the Univ. of Palermo, Facultad de Diseño y Comunicación.

Anothe analysis by El Expectador Imaginario HERE.

Portfolio entry: Write YOUR OWN ANALYSIS/CRITIQUE/OPINION of the film>>> 2 paragraphs.

DEADLINE: End of October.


Walls all over the world.

Portfolio # 16.

  • Visit the article: "World of Walls: How 65 Countries have erected fences ... " available HERE.
  • Watch the videos, visit the links, read the texts, etc.
  • Write a reflection in your portfolio (1 or 2 paragraphs only). You can inlcude:
    • What shocked you most?
    • Why did you read one specific section?
    • Did you know that there were so many walls all over the world?
    • Waht is the impact of walls on local population?
    • Are these barriers useful? For whom?
    • Have you ever heard of these fences?
    • Do you think that in the future they're going to be pulled down?
    • Are they an innovative strategy?

Blocked: There are 65 countries either building walls, or which are already have them - including in Belfast, where they are called 'peace lines', as well as numerous in the Middle East, where countries are trying to protect themselves from the risk of terrorismDEADLINE: 4th week in October.


I Build Walls: poem.

Portfolio # 15- POETRY

Poem: I build Walls

  • Read the poem
  • Answer questions 1, 2 & 4. Use one paragraph per answer.
DEADLINE: 4th week October.


New Portfolio entry.

Portfolio #14

  • Pick up the copies from the prhotocopying place.
  • Read the text thorougly.
    • Explain the title in ONE paragraph.
    • find the MACROSTRUCTURE of the text and write down its semantic organization

Source: Wallace, Ch. (1999). "Across the Great Divide" in Time. Nov. 15. pp 22-26.

DEADLINE: 3rd week in October.